Parenting is a journey filled with joy, love, and fulfillment, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. For parents of school-going children, the responsibilities and concerns are vast and ever-changing. As our children grow and progress through their academic years, new issues arise that demand careful attention and understanding. In this blog, we will explore some of the most common issues faced by parents of school-going children and offer insights and strategies to address these challenges effectively.

1. Academic Pressure and Performance Anxiety

One of the most significant issues parents face is the academic pressure experienced by their school-going children. The competitive nature of the education system can lead to high expectations from both parents and teachers, putting immense pressure on the child to perform exceptionally well. This pressure can result in performance anxiety, which may affect a child’s confidence and overall mental well-being.

Strategies: Encouraging a balanced approach to academics, focusing on effort rather than just grades, and maintaining open communication channels with your child and teachers can help ease academic pressure. Engaging in extracurricular activities can also foster a well-rounded development and provide a healthy outlet for stress.

2. Bullying and Peer Pressure

Bullying and peer pressure are pervasive issues in schools, and parents often worry about their children’s safety and emotional well-being. Being a victim of bullying or succumbing to negative peer pressure can have lasting impacts on a child’s self-esteem and social skills.

Strategies: Create a safe space for your child to share their experiences and feelings without fear of judgment. Teach them assertiveness and empathy, helping them understand the importance of standing up for themselves and others. Building strong communication skills can empower your child to express themselves confidently and seek help when needed.

3. Technology and Screen Time

In today’s digital age, children are exposed to an unprecedented amount of screen time through various devices and platforms. Excessive screen time can lead to physical and psychological health issues, including poor sleep patterns and diminished social interactions.

Strategies: Set clear and reasonable limits on screen time, encouraging activities that promote physical exercise, creativity, and face-to-face interactions. Be a positive role model by demonstrating responsible technology use yourself.So we STEPSSTONE have taken a step towards Childcare and we have our upcoming Launch VATSA 4 AVM nearby a Sports Academy so that Children can have some physical activity .

4. Time Management and Balancing Responsibilities

School-going children often face a whirlwind of activities, including academics, extracurriculars, chores, and social engagements. Learning to manage time efficiently and balance responsibilities can be a daunting task for both children and parents.

Strategies: VATSA 4 AVM Saves more time because its just Opposite to Maharishi Vidhya Mandir School which makes it super easier not only saves time but also the stress faced by parents.Teach your child time management skills, helping them prioritize tasks and allocate time appropriately. Establish routines and schedules that provide structure and predictability, allowing your child to plan their activities effectively. Be supportive and understanding, acknowledging that occasional setbacks are part of the learning process.

5. Academic and Career Choices

As children progress through school, they face important decisions about academic and career paths. These choices can have a significant impact on their future, leading to anxiety and uncertainty among both parents and children.

Strategies: Foster open discussions about academic and career interests, ensuring your child feels supported in exploring different options. Encourage them to follow their passions while being realistic about the opportunities and challenges associated with their chosen paths.

6. Peer Relationships and Friendships

Friendships play a crucial role in a child’s emotional development and overall well-being. Concerns about peer relationships arise when children face difficulties making friends or experience conflicts with their peers.

Strategies: Help your child develop social skills and emotional intelligence, emphasizing the value of empathy and understanding in building healthy relationships. Engage in activities that encourage social interactions and opportunities to meet new people, supporting your child in expanding their social circle.

7. Social Media and Online Safety

As children grow older, they may be drawn to social media platforms. While social media can offer valuable connections, it also presents potential risks, such as cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and privacy concerns.

Strategies: Educate your child about online safety and responsible social media use. Establish clear rules and guidelines for online behavior, and regularly monitor their online activity to ensure their well-being.


Parenting school-going children comes with a myriad of challenges, each requiring careful attention and understanding. By acknowledging and addressing these issues proactively, parents can create a nurturing environment where their children can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. It’s essential to remember that no parent is perfect, and parenting is an ongoing learning process filled with ups and downs. By being present, communicative, and empathetic, parents can overcome these challenges and support their children in becoming confident, well-adjusted individuals ready to embrace the world.To reduce little stress of parents we STEPSSTONE have come up with an idea of bringing homes nearby School and Play.

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